Inside a British Watch

Every component has been carefully designed and crafted to create an entirely British watch. The machining of components is increasingly carried out not just in England but in the Stamford workshops. A determination to make a completely English watch resulted in the making of some components not produced in this county for decades. Robert found an old glass-polishing company who had the machinery required to dome, shape and polish sapphire glass for example. Likewise even their gaskets had to be sourced or made to order in England.


Loomes & Co have developed their own casting and second process machining of watch cases and even simple components like buckles. In the past such parts were simply bought in, but as Robert said, “where can I go today to buy bracelet buckles? The answer is to make our own”. Typical of Robert’s bullish attitude, the firm have invested heavily in machinery and staff to the extent that they have the capacity to manufacture almost every component they need in house. Even odd small components like the tiny ruby bearings had to be produced in England.


We are not just reflecting the traditional past of British watch making. He is also keen to innovate. The dials fitted to all Loomes watches are designed with our integral dial feet – a more robust manufacturing method than any previously known, it is unlikely any Loomes watch will suffer from a broken foot, as watches often do. Said Robert “After years of repairing watches it was easy to return to British watch making and say – we can improve on that”. The last British watch making factories closed down a generation ago, yet technologies have radically improved in the intervening years…


Loomes & Co create luxury heritage: a watch that tells no more than it should, the right time.



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