The White Robin, Gentlemens English Watch

Manufactured in Stamford, England
Manufactured in Stamford, England


The logical progression to the Robin range of watches is a combination of the glossy white enamel dial in our classic Sheffield stainless steel case.

A limited edition of 100 Robin watches, hand built to order. Each is fitted with our hand-made glass enamel dial. The glass is ground and fired five times onto our own copper dials and then the numerals are printed into position before a final firing. The finished result should last for centuries.

In the development of the 39mm White Robin we held with the classic two handed design more suited to a dress watch. Nevertheless the watches remain as rugged as ever.

Robert Loomes are ever more committed to the concept of localism. More components than ever are manufactured in our workshops. Those which are not are all sourced from as near to Stamford as possible. Over 75 local jobs have gone into the production of each watch, twelve of them here in Stamford.



  Watch straps are available in a variety of colours and styles.

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