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English Watches, manufactured in England, by British Watchmakers

Robert Loomes & Co are entirely English watchmakers. Every single component in our Robin range is made in this country and the watches are hand-built to order in Stamford. Each Robert Loomes watch is the product of hundreds of hours of machining, polishing, finishing and assembly.

The Robin and Robina Watches

Robert Loomes produce a range of entirely English-made manual wind wristwatches: The Robin" .
We also produce other, essentially Stamford-made, watches which incorporate European movement components, including our "Mermaid" range of watches.
Each is a signed and numbered limited edition of either 100 (stainless steel) or 50 (rose gold) watches.
We are immensely proud to offer extraordinary English watches made by extraordinary British watchmakers.
They are only available from our heritage watch workshops in Stamford.
Robert Loomes offer stylish, hand-built, steel and gold English watches for ladies or gentlemen (39mm or 30mm case diameter).
Sophisticated and elegant the Robin and Robina combine to tell no more than they should do – the right time.

In 2015 Robert Loomes was elected a Fellow of the British Horological Institute. It is a rare honour, intended for those whom the Institute believe, "make a contribution to the field of horology deemed to be of exceptional value."

Official Timekeepers for
Rockingham International Horse Trials
19th to 21st May - Fri, Sat, Sun
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Watch straps are available in a variety of colours and styles.

Our address is:
Robert Loomes & Co.
4 St Mary's Hill
Lincolnshire PE9 2DP
Telephone: 01780 481319
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2014 Robert Loomes: English Watches, manufactured in England, by English Watchmakers.

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