English Watches, manufactured by extraordinary British Watchmakers

Loomes & Co are traditional English watchmakers. Every single component in our Robin range is made in Britain. The watches are hand-built, to order, in Stamford.

Heritage Luxury

 Watch straps are available in a variety of colours and styles.

Our address is:

Robert Loomes & Co.
4 St Mary’s Hill
Lincolnshire PE9 2DP

Telephone: 01780481319

Robert Loomes FBHI and Robina Hill FRSA are proud to continue 350 years of British watchmaking, from Thomas Loomes, creating complicated watches in London the 1650s, to the present day. A highly skilled team of twelve work together to manufacture components, either in the building or through nearby British engineering specialists.

Each watch is truly made to order.  Each requires hundreds of hours of skilled finishing, decoration and assembly. Thus each can be cleverly personalised in ways other manufacturers cannot dream of.

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